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The Torrington Police Activities League promotes character development and self esteem while building positive relationships among children, our police officers, and the community. Our Program works in partnership with the Torrington Police Department providing children with alternatives to crime, violence and substance abuse.


How it all Started

Article from The Waterbury Republican – February 13, 1983.

Police Start youth sports league

By Helen Shanley

TORRINGTON — The Police department has won local support in its efforts do something constructive for the City’s young athletes in the coming months.

Police Officer Donald Newkirk asked Mayor Michael Conway and the Board Of Public Safety Wednesday night to support him and several other officers in their efforts to form a Police Athletic League. better known as PAL.

Not only did the officials endorse Newkirk’s proposal for the league, but they also gave the group permission to conduct fund-raising activities that will benefit sports programs for the city’s youth.

Conway said he endorsed Newkirk’s proposal because similar programs “seem to do a lot for kids wherever they are. It’s good for the kids and it makes the Officers look better in the kids eyes”.

Deputy Chief Joseph Hayes spoke of his involvement tn a P.A.L program in New York City before going into the Service He said he thought the local program would be very beneficial to the city’s young athletes.

Newkirk said several officers in the Police department. who have an interest in athletics. had initially organized the Torrington Police softball Team, They now want “to extend their interests to the community.” he said, in December, Newkirk presented the safety with a fifth place trophy his softball team had won in a statewide police softball league last summer in Competition with 21 other leagues.

Newkirk said Thursday night that the softball team consists Of 23 police officers, an officer’s son and a firefighter

Many cities have P.A.L. programs. Newkirk said. In Bridgeport. for instance, P.A.L. operates the Christmas Village. The group received much recognition last year when the village was destroyed by fire just before Christmas. An outpouring Of financial support to P.A.L resulted in the re-building of the village and the re-placement of children’s gifts in time Or Christmas.

As fund raisers here, Newkirk said the league wants to sponsor an annual Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament. in which “we will be host to police and other teams statewide.” The league also plans to conduct a raffle, Newkirk said.

With the money raised from these activities, Newkirk said “we intend to support local Sports programs for the young basketball, Little League, and midget football.”

Newkirk said there are several within the Torrington Police Department who are willing to donate their time and efforts to this program.

Newkirk said the league is also “looking forward to some strong support and participation from members of the Board Of Public Safety. A combined effort from all involved will surely beneficial to the young athletes of Torrington, and surely strengthen public relations for the Torrington Police Department,” he added.

In time, Newkirk said Thursday night, the police league hopes to expand its financial support to include an athletic scholarship for some deserving high school athlete.